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By: Nicole Martins
Arbor swings - Taking up anywhere from 20 to 30 square feet when assembled, an arbor swing provides a handsome focal point and a way to enjoy the idle moments of the seasons, swinging outdoors. Arbors with swing parts are generally sold in pieces or panels that require simple assembly. When you shop online, take a look at the various materials available. You will find when comparing different swinging options that materials, size and craftsmanship play a factor in price.

Deciding which arbor to buy

A backyard arbor is one thing, and a garden arbor with a swing is another. A scouring of the internet for swing arbors will lead to specialty merchants selling outdoor wood furnishings and accessories, and, in many cases handcrafting the arbors and swings themselves. This of course, can benefit the consumer by selling perhaps, higher quality arbors swings (though not necessarily so) made from top of the line weather resistant and fungal resistant woods such as western red cedar and teak.

While other woods especially hardwoods like cypress make good choices for outdoor swing arbor sets, so too does pressure treated pine, which is the material used in the popular Uwharrie chair Keep America Beautiful series.

Another thing to compare are components, make sure the hardware is high quality and resistant to corrosion.

Most swings can accommodate two adults comfortably, but if you have several young kids around you may find them swinging away, making it difficult for you to sit yourself down.

If ordering online, swing arbor sets are generally shipped by freight. For more information about arbor designs, please visit

About the author:
Nicole Martins is the editor of Everything Patio Furniture, a patio furniture and accessories review site, which provides valuable tips and information as well as great products for your outdoor space. You can visit this site at

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