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By: Eric Morris
Stone and wood shelves are the preferred choices of material for fireplace mantel shelves. Stone and wood shelves are quite popular these days and both have quite a history with its association to fireplaces.

Wooden mantels, for instance, were widely used up until World War I, paired with overhead mirrors or paintings.

Experts say that the best wood mantels are like pieces of heirloom furniture and are available in hardwoods like oak, maple and cherry with a variety of finishes. Although the price range from $1500 and up, the rewards coming from such an investment will not only be eye candy when blended with like furniture but would be something that will remain in your family from generations to generations, to be enjoyed on cold winter days and nights.

If you choose wood, be sure to check with the fire department to find out about the rules on building your shelf.

Stone on the other hand, was chiseled from stonewalls to enhance medieval fireplaces.

Fast forward to the 21st century and stone is still winning rave reviews with shelf builders. One must agree that marble, granite and even limestone's earthy appearance can give a timeless yet exquisite feel to a room.

Depending on where you go to purchase stone mantels, the price can range from $700 to $2000 and upwards for antique stone.

Thankfully, scientists over the years have replicated the pricey stone look by coming up with cast stone, a form of concrete.

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