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By: Bill Sault
Make Space At Home

Clear out excess furniture and accessories from the interior of your home as much as possible. If a piece of furniture is too big for the room, or is crowding the room, put it in storage, have a garage sale, or give it to a deserving charity.

This also goes for decorations, oversized stuffed animals, and other items that you may have collected over the years. Anything that takes up space should be considered, and if it?s not necessary, you'll want to clear it out.

Nothing is more effective at opening up a house than getting rid of clutter. It will look immeasurably more spacious without all of your extra things in the way.

Go through your house and clear off all of the horizontal surfaces, kitchen counters, and bathroom countertops.

This means that you won?t be leaving any magazines, knick-knacks, or other various items to add to a cluttered appearance in your home. Either pack them or get rid of them in some other way.

Pay special attention to keeping hallways and doorways clear. Not only will this make people feel that you have a spacious home, if you're considering selling, they can easier imagine their own things inside of it.

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