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A quality mattress may be the least appreciated piece of furniture in your house. You would get a good night?s sleep, you wake up refreshed and go about your day, all without a thought of the mattress behind it all. There?s no appreciation until the day comes when you sleep on a poor mattress! You ache, you creak, you feel stiff all over, and then it?s easy to appreciate the value of a good mattress.

There are many aspects to consider in finding a mattress that is just right for you. A mattress needs to provide sufficient support, keeping the spine in alignment and keeping the whole body in its natural curve. Studies show that some people do need more support than others. Also, people sleep better when they?re comfortable, and comfort can mean very soft to some and very firm to others. Comfort is not an exact science. Mattress suppliers actually urge customers to stretch out on a mattress right in the showroom to see if it feels right.

Getting the right size mattress is important, too, so that you?re able to stretch out and not feel cramped.If you look at the price tag first, a mattress can seem to be a major expense. The Better Sleep Council advises "Shop for the best value, not the lowest price. Bargain bedding is no bargain when it comes to getting a good night?s sleep. Buying the best you can afford is a healthy investment in yourself." A top quality mattress will come with a guarantee to last ten years, and will be well worth what was spent for it.

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