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By: Eric Morris
When it comes time to redecorate, nothing is quite as expensive and cost-prohibitive as furniture. In fact, many of us endure living with ugly, outdated furniture simple because we can't afford to buy new. We don't have to suffer with unsightly furniture. Slipcovers are an inexpensive alternative.

Slipcovers are made to fit over your existing furniture to give it a whole new look. Made of such materials as denim, linen, chintz, and canvas, slipcovers are sturdy and long-lasting.

As long as your furniture is regular-sized, you can find discount slipcovers. These cheap slipcovers can be found at such stores as Kohl?s, Marshall?s, Target and WalMart. Higher-end stores such as Foley?s, JC Penney, and Macy?s, will often offer sales on slipcovers. Even such discount stores as Big Lots, Family Dollar, and Dollar General sometimes offer slipcovers. When you do find slipcovers at these stores, they are greatly reduced.

According to the saying, ?You get what you pay for.? This is often true -- even in slipcovers. If you find a slipcover at Dollar General for $10, you should not expect top quality. However, if it looks and feels nice it could very well offer a good temporary solution. On the other hand, if you are able to find a discount slipcover at a store like Neiman Marcus, it is probably a very high quality product at a reduced rate.

As with most everything else, the Internet is a good place to find discount slipcovers. Overstock offers the overstocked merchandise from other companies. This merchandise is usually name-brand and is always offered at a discount. An Internet search at any search engine is sure to turn up cheap slipcovers. In addition, eBay sometimes offers slipcovers and other home accessories.

With some careful searching and comparison-shopping, it is possible to find many sources for discount slipcovers. A newly decorated house at significant savings; what could be better?

About the author:
Slip Covers provides detailed information about sofa, futon, chair, and recliner slip covers, plus custom and discount slip covers, and advice on how to make a slip cover. Slip Covers is the sister site of Duvet Covers Web.

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